Member Savings When You Need Them

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Realize your member savings when checking in using foursquare and Facebook at merchants, venues and places. With GeoPerks you're notified only when you have savings. No spamming. You'll love it!

Of course, you can also view all the perks for a membership, or list all the nearby locations that provide perks.

Check the perks at some select customers.

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Reach local, loyal customers!

The members of our member groups are active participants in your local community. With GeoPerks you acquire new customers by reaching our member groups through our Mobile Apps, Websites, social media, newsletters and more.

Our member groups often reach over 100,000 people in a local market.

You'll love it!


Mobile Apps

Display your users' membership discounts and rewards by geo location. Personalize to avoid clutter. Check our own GeoPerks for iPhone.


Include membership discounts in your directory listings. Personalized, of course - no need to show irrelevant information.

Digital Wallets

Optimize credit card and membership card usage with our proprietary algorithm to maximize your users' savings at the checkout counter.